The Roman empire is one of the largest and oldest empires ever. But many facts about ancient Rome are shocking and amazing. These facts not only grow your knowledge but help you to show off among your friends. So we have written about 25 amazing facts about Ancient Rome and the Roman empire and we have also given some bonus facts at the end of this article.

amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire

1. Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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According to the legends, the city of Rome was established on 21st April 753 BCE by Romulus. Originally both Romulus and Remus started to build the foundation of Rome but in order to gain total control of the town, Romulus murdered Remus in 754 BCE, and eventually, the city was named after Romulus. The origin of the twin brothers began with King Numitor who was their maternal grandfather. King Numitor was the king of Alba Longa an ancient Latin city, who was deposed by his brother Amulus. Amulus also forced king Numitor's daughter Rhea Silvia to be a vestal virgin and a priest in the temple of Mars(God of war). Mars raped Rhea Silvia after being instructed by the Goddess of Love Venessa. After being raped by Mars Rhea got pregnant and gave birth to Romulus and Remus. They were thrown by  Amulus to the river Tiber but they were saved by a she-wolf and eventually adopted by a shepherd. When they became adults they deposed Amulus and re-established Numitor as  king. Then started attempts to establish their own town.

2. Strange Holidays in Rome

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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Ancient Romans celebrated a national holiday named Saturnalia. This holiday marks the day on which slaves and masters would trade places. Slaves would be treated to a lavish banquet that was usually only reserved for the elite. During this festival, all court of law was closed and the normal social pattern was suspended. People were allowed to do all types of crimes. This holiday was held for seven days or a week. Although this festival was mentioned in the ancient Roman texts of the fifth century, historians believe that this festival is even older.

3. Roman Vestal virgins

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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In the seventh century BC, A virgin dedicated to Vesta and vowed to chastity was called Roman Vestal Virgin. These virgins were required to be virgins up until the age of thirty. These virgins were required to keep their hymens intact as proof of their virginity. Those who failed this test would be buried These are priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. In 382 AD, the Christian emperor Gratian confiscated the public revenues assigned to the cult of Vesta in Rome, and the Vestals vanished from historical record soon after

4. Gladiatorial fighting

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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In ancient Rome or in the Roman empire a brutal game was played in a place named the colosseum in this game two gladiators fought till one of them was not dead. After the game was over the winning gladiator was also killed and their organs were sold. People also loved to drink their blood. After the blood-drinking custom was banned people started to drink the blood of prisoners. Actually, gladiators were prisoners of war, slaves, and criminals. One of the most famous gladiators in roman history was the Spartacus who rebelled against the Romans and caused the third servile war. But he was eventually defeated by Pompey and Crassus.

5. Salt and Urine both were huge commodities in ancient Rome

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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Salt was considered white gold. Only the rich can use this and salt was used as antiseptic. Salt was also used to preserve things. The people of ancient Rome used urine as a mouth wash. According to them, it is useful to whiten the teeth. Urine was used to washing clothes. Urine was also sold in markets. Emperor Nero applied taxes on this Urine business.

6. Gladiator sweat

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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Roman women have worn the gladiator's sweat on their bodies in order to improve their beauty and complexion. It was also thought to have been an aphrodisiac for women. The gladiator's sweat was sold at a high price in the roman markets. It was a huge commodity in ancient Rome. Roman women agreed to pay a large sum of money for this.

7. Slave treatment

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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Although slaves were more common back than normal people. But Romans were not so much cruel to their slaves. Romans gave them bonuses and other incentives in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Despite this type of lenient policy, slaves fought three servile wars. Although Romans were lenient to their slaves they brutally punished the rebellious slaves. During the first servile war, the leader of the rebellion was cruelly tortured and paled to death.

8. Cincinnatus 

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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Cincinnatus was one of the great men of Roman history who served his nation with extraordinary patriotism. He was against the rights of the common people. Despite his old age, he worked on his farm until the Romans invited him to save them from aequi invasion. He achieved a swift victory against them in 16 days in the battle of Mount Algidus. Despite assuming complete control over the state after the victory he relinquished his power and returned to his farm. He served the roman republic in 460 as consul and in 458 and 439 as a dictator but he took power for only a few days which was enough to turn down the calamities.

9. Roman Dams

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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There are currently two dams in Spain which are made during Roman rule. these two dams are still in use although they are 1900 years old. The Subiaco Dams are the largest dams made during Roman rule. It is situated in Subiaco, Lazio, Italy. this Dam was made during Nero's rule. 

10. Flexible glass

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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Normally glass is very breakable. But in the roman empire, flexible glass was invented around two thousand years ago. Actually once a man came to the court of Emperor Tiberius Caeser and told him that he invented a glass that can't be broken. Emperor was shocked. Then he showed him a bowl of glass, the troops tried to break this bowl but it did not break. Then the emperor asked that without this man who knew to build this type of glass. He replied only he could make this type of glass. Emperor swiftly ordered to decapitate him. Because the emperor was afraid that if the glass came to market then the value of gold may be decreased so in order to save the value of gold he executed this man. In this way, a great invention couldn't reach us.

11. Infamous Roman Emperor

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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An infamous Roman emperor Caligula who reigned from 37 AD to 41 AD was popular for appointing his horses as senators. He fed the prisoners to the wild beasts. He also holds conversations with the moon. He used to commit incest with his many sisters. Caligula gave the death penalty to them who took the word goat to his tongue. Another infamous roman emperor was Nero who had illegitimate relations with his own mother Agrippina the younger. Nero also made an agreement with all thieves and robbers of Rome that they were allowed to rob the people's houses but they had to give a share of their stolen goods to the emperor. Nero had a male concubine named Sporious who always dressed in a female dress-up. Nero executed his own mother to marry a senator's wife Sabina. 

12. Flamingo tongues 

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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Flamingo tongue are a species of brightly colored sea snail. Flamingo tongues are feeding on a soft coral; the siphon is visible at the top, and the tip of the tail is visible at the bottom. These snails are usually pink and orange.  In ancient Rome the rich people used to eat them. In the ancient Rome eating flamingo tongues is a sign of wealth because most of the Roman people's diet consisted of grains such as paddy, wheat, and oats.

13. Roman shipwreck

In 2012 a group of divers discovered a roman shipwreck. The things in this ship were very well preserved. The food was still intact in most of the storage jars.

14. Julius Caeser 

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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It was a myth that Julius Caesar was born out of the caesarian section. Julius Caeser's father's name is also Julius Caeser. When Julius Caeser was kidnapped by pirates and pirates asked for ransom for him he urged the pirates to raise the sum of a ransom in order not to harm his value. Julius Caeser married his 17 years old daughter Julia to Pompey who was six years older than Caeser. In that days it was very common. Julius Caeser's assassination was also held in a very extraordinary manner. Caesar was stabbed by his childhood friend Casca first. Then others assaulted him and at last, his mistress's son Brutus assaulted and killed him . He was killed near the statue of Pompey and also in the theatre of Pompey. On his assassination day, a man named Artemidorus met Caeser and give him a paper in which he wrote detailed information about the conspiracy unluckily Caeser didn't read this.  

15. The longest military conflict in human history

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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Roman-Persian war was the longest military conflict in human history. This war lasted for 681 years. This war began with Crassus's invasion of Persia. This war started at the time of the Roman Republic and ended at the time of the Byzantine empire. The first battle of this conflict the battle of Carrahae caused the great Caeser's civil war and eventually led to the end of the republic. War with Persia also caused the fall of Mark Antony. The Optimus Princeps Trajan was the first Roman emperor who managed to defeat Persia. Septimus Severus also managed to conquer Mesopotamia from Persia but he didn't establish any province there. At last, Eastern Roman Emperor Hercules managed to defeat the Persia ruled by Khoshraw II a ruler of the Sassanid dynasty in the Byzantine-Persian war 602-628. It was the last conflict between Romans and Persians.

16. Use of goat poop in drink and treatment

In ancient Rome, people used goat poop to treat the wounds of wounded warriors. They also used to make drinks using goat poop and vinegar. In order to make this drink, they first dried the poop of goat and made powder from it. Then the mixed vinegar with this. Emperor Nero loved to drink this drink so much. 

17. Weird beauty standards

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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In ancient Rome unibrows were considered so beautiful. People make pests from various things and used that to make their unibrows black. Women's make-up was made from sheep's poop, urine, sulfur, and placenta. This make-up smelled so bad so in order to get rid of this smell, women used a can of perfume per day. In ancient Rome, the ideal of beauty for women was narrow shoulders, pronounced hips, wide thighs, and small breasts. The ideal for the face was large almond-shaped eyes, a sharp nose, medium-sized mouth, and ears. Not only this smooth white skin was also required.

18. Colour of clothes as a status symbol

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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In ancient Rome color of the clothes was taken as a status symbol and in medieval Europe taking pumpkins to parties was taken as a status symbol. The Emperors and high-ranking officers of Rome used to wear clothes of purple color. Only they were allowed to wear purple colored clothes because the purple color was made from a type of sea snail named Murex. If any ordinary person were seen wearing purple colored clothes he was punished so rudely even with the death penalty.Emperor Basil II was obsessed with this color so he made a flag with this color. 

19. Left-handed people

In the ancient Rome the left-handed people were considered unlucky. They were treated very cruelly. Even if they were executed by the higher officials. Not only in Rome but also in the many major civilizations of the world considered left-handed people unlucky. This roman blind belief led to the burning of many left-handed women telling them witches in medieval Europe.

20. Use of poison

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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Roman emperors drink a little bit of poison daily poison because according to them it will grow their immunity. This trick of growing immunity really worked. The proof of this trick was that King Mithridates Eupator, who was the king of Pontus and an old rival of the Roman republic used to drink poison in order to grow his immune power. At the last moment when he tried to commit suicide by poison, he was unable to do so and captured and decapitated by his own bodyguard.

21. Toilet and bathing system

Romans had clean habits so the first toilet in the world was made by Romans. There was 140 public toilet in Rome. Urine businessmen were used to collect urine from those toilets. But in the public toilets, there was no taking care of hygiene. People used only one sponge instead of tissue paper and this sponge has not washed also. In the bathing system, Romans didn't use Soap. They used different types of Oil and a special tool to clean their bodies.

22. Gladiator's blood for treatment

After a gladiator game was over the blood of the both dead and winner gladiator was taken. This blood was used to treat patients with epilepsy, infertility, and other sexual diseases. Patients had to drink the blood for treatment. This intense cruelty forced gladiators to rose up in rebellion. Over time the use of gladiator's blood for treatment was banned. 

23. Connections with the statue of Liberty

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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The Statue of Liberty was inspired by the Roman pagan goddess Libertas. Libertas is the Roman goddess of freedom and she represents the freedom of action, and freedom from restraint, and also signifies independence, personal rights, and personal and social liberty. The statue of Libertas has many similarities with statue of liberty.

24. Size of the Roman empire

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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It was a myth that the Roman empire was the largest empire in the world actually it was the 28th  largest empire. The largest empire was the British empire. The Roman empire spread over 4.4 million square kilometers at its peak. The Roman empire was one of the empires which were expanded on the three continents. The Roman empire consisted of modern-day France, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Algeria, Morroco, Egypt, Libya, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Georgia, Crimea.

25. Roman architect and technology of concrete

25 amazing facts about ancient Rome and Roman Empire
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The ancient Roman concrete structure was so strong because they stood for around 2000 years without any type of destruction. After the end of the Roman empire, the technology of making concrete was lost for 1000 years. Roman architecture was extra-ordinarily amazing because they built very mind-blowing monument as Colosseum, Trajan's column, Marcus Aurelius's column, Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia, and Diaclatian's palace with concrete.

At last, I want to tell you guys some bonus facts these are ancient Rome was six times more populated than modern-day new york. The population of ancient Rome was around 57 million. Only Rome was not the capital of the Roman empire but also Constantinople and Syracuse were the capital of the Roman empire. So that is it for today guys. If you have any query about ancient Rome you can ask us by comments. Thank you